Children's Church

JK to Grade 8


In our Children's Church program, our mission is to help each child discover their God-given potential through Christ-like attitudes, servanthood and discipling.

In addition to free time playing and having fun, our little ones will hear and see what God has made. We believe all children, even the very tiny ones, benefit from hearing God's word and praises in music. We want to make the most of the time we have with the precious ones in our care so we use the See What God Made curriculum introducing our little ones to the amazing world we live in. Through very simple teaching techniques, we present two fundamental principles: God is the creator of all things and everything He made is good. The Bible is true and it is God's book for me.

JK to Grade 1

Lower Chapel
  • Located in Lower Chapel
  • Classes end at 12:15pm

Grade 2 to 4

Classroom 3
  • Classes end at 12:15pm

Grade 5 to 6

Classroom 4
  • Classes end at 12:15pm

Grade 7 to 8

Classroom 4
  • Classes end at 12:15pm
Upcoming Events
Baptism Service March 15 7:00pm Church
20th Anniversary April 3-5 TBD Church
Easter Weekend April 10, 12 Check here Church
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