Pastoral Staff

Pastor Paul and Wanna Koo

Senior Pastor /ext. 2111

In 2003, Pastor Paul Koo obeyed the call of God to leave his successful career in the telecom industry to serve full time as the Senior Pastor of Willowdale Community Christian Assembly, the church he and his family planted in 2000.

Apart from leading a thriving church in the city, Pastor Paul has also been a frequent talk show host both at a local Christian radio station and at Canada’s largest Christian national television network, CTS. Pastor Paul also serves as a board member in several para-church organizations including Joel Osteen Ministries.

The heart cry of Pastor Paul’s ministry is for the unprecedented “national” revival and spiritual awakening of our nation of Canada. The focus of his ministry is the relentless pursuit of the supernatural through prayer and faith in the Word of God. Pastor Paul, his wife Wanna, and their children, Kristen and Matthew, reside in Toronto.

Pastor Yung and Annie Lee

Family Ministry Pastor /ext. 2112

Pastor Yung manages the day-to-day operation alongside Pastor Paul, Pastor Marlhys and Alex. Additionally, Pastor Yung oversees our Family Ministry with the help of an incredible team of champion volunteers. They have a passion for seeing this generation of families to grow into their purpose that God had planned for them from the very beginning.

Pastor Yung and Annie met during their high school years where PY honed and crafted his guitar/singing abilities by serenading Annie and her friends under the trees in the school yard. They currently reside in the GTA with their beautiful girl Emma Zoe.

Pastor Marlhys Nobrega and Humberto Zarraga

Pastoral Care /ext. 2116

Pastor Marlhys and her husband Humberto are an integral part of the Willowdale team since arriving in Canada in 2011. Their earnest prayers and willful obedience led them to Willowdale all the way from Venezuela.

Pastor Marlhys serves as the lead in our Pastoral Care (which includes the organizing of Small Groups, counselling and visitations). Additionally, she serves as our Administrator.

Support and Operations Staff


Alex and Imelda Morota

Building Operations and Events Manager /ext. 2113

Alex is the Building Operations Manager for Willowdale. He is the point person when it comes to all matters related to the upkeep of our church facilities and to the day-to-day operations of the church.

Alex resides in Toronto with his wife Imelda and their two children, Dana and Adrian.

Adrian Morota

Custodian /ext. 2119

Adrian is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of Willowdale. He's a graduate from York University and also serves as a Small Group leader and a Worship Team Leader.

Paulina Aneke

Office Administrator /ext. 2122

Paulina (or we call her Pauline), her husband (Dr. John Aneke at a local hospital in Toronto) and their two children recently joined WCCA from their native Nigeria. Pauline herself was a nurse when they were in Nigeria.

Hector Carrasco

Creative Director /ext. 2117

Hector (assisted by his wife, Andreas) leads both the Sunday services live production and the media ministries. His responsibilities include overseeing the video/audio broadcasting team, weekly video announcements, all social media contents and other creative aspects of the media ministries. He also directs the various technical aspects of our Sunday services.

Patrick Quinn

Willowdale Cafe /ext. 2114

Patrick manages the fledgling Willowdale Cafe that serves treats and refreshments throughout the week at Willowdale.

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