Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in our ministry, and taking the time out to visit our website. If you are like me, you are reading about this ministry because you are interested in what we are all about: our vision, core values, missions, goals, etc. If you were here a few years ago, you would see all of that, but something has happened to us and has changed the very core of our church.


What happened, you ask? We have tasted the glory of God and had a glimpse of heaven. Because of that, we dropped everything and decided to abandon "churchianity" in pursuit of only GOD'S PRESENCE, HIS GLORY and HIS WAY!

In Exodus 33:13-18, in responding to God's call in his life, Moses requested three things from the Lord: that he may know God (through His way); having God's presence with Him; and that God would show him His glory. What bold requests to be made by a human to the Gold Almighty who created everything ever existed, both in this realm and otherwise. Yet, God granted Moses' requests. Consequently, Moses was able to walk out his life under the manifested presence of God, with miracles, signs and wonders. Today, we too have the same resolve to know God, pursue His presence and wanting to see His glory. NOTHING ELSE!

I know this is rather peculiar and unconventional for a church to operate this way. But we don't know what other way is better than God's presence, His glory and His way! We do not want to build any programs or structure that would inhibit us to be "fluid" and "agile" to follow His voice and His direction at any given moment in time. However, if individuals or groups within our church sense a certain need and want to meet them, we strongly encourage them to do so. But as one famous preacher said: "we will never change the subject, and will only do what He is doing." Nothing more, nothing less!

Moses, in carrying out his mission, built only one thing: the Tabernacle. A place where the presence of God would dwell, a place where His glory would manifest around, and a place where God would lead (the Pillars of Fire and Cloud were always above the Tabernacle to lead the people). Today, the Tabernacle of God is not a physical structure, but the assembly of His people (1 Corinthians 3:16-17), and also every individual believer (1 Corinthians 6:19). Our focus then is to focus on the manifest presence of God when we gather, and constantly being totally aware of His presence when we are apart.

While we are absolute sure that in His presence, under His glory, everything we do would yield incredible results, with little strife on our part (and indeed ministries in this church have been incredible fruitful!), our final aim, however, is not ministry or the success thereof. OUR FINAL AIM, THE ULTIMATE ENDGAME, IS HIS PRESNENCE!

With Love,
Pastor Paul and Wanna Koo